Sunday, 6 September 2009

What I've Bought This Week!

So this week in my shopping bag I had the following:

Not a huge hawl but still I'm very excited about them all!
I had hoped to buy myself a new bookcase, as my shelfs are completely full and I can't bring myself to throw anything out! But due to lack of funds, I'm currently trying to hold off till my birthday, in November, as my lovely lovely boyfriend said he would buy one for me :D!
How do you all store all your pretty books?
Are you like me with them everywhere, or are you a super organised neat freak! :)

I hope you're all enjoying your sunday, I'm enjoying not having to work as I've worked non stop lately for hardly any money at all. RANT RANT!
I'm currently listening to my music, messing around on the internet, and burning my lovely Yankee Candles! (A nice little obsession of mine!)

Hope you're all well!


Imogen said...

Usually I have my books in alphabetical order but recently I've been getting a LOT of books from the library, so they just live on top of my shelves and next to my computer (when I'm doing reviews) until I have to return them. Libraries are good because you don't have the books cluttering shelves for very long

Catriona said...

I know I used to love going to the library! Cos you are always allowed so many books out, and it's free :)
But i do love owning books as well! It makes me feel special! (Ha how sad!) I'll need to go rejoin my library though, thanks for reminding me! x

Nina said...

Those books look really beautiful, i have read one book of Jill mansell and I think that they are great! Have fun reading!

Chloe @ chicklitreviews said...

Loved Watermelong, they both sound really good!

Love the library, I work there now and its like my dream job!!!

Catriona said...

Chloe, You're so lucky! How did you manage to get such a good job! x