Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wednesday's Wishlist!

Decided it was time to do some wishing :D!

So on my wishlist this week I have:

1. Friends Like Us by Caitlin Davies, because the cover looks pretty, and the summary really appeals to me! I think I would really enjoy it :).
2. My Bookshelf! From Ikea & I Have the perfect place for it in my room! But due to lack of money its a no no! Still begging the bf for it!

3. A Sony E-Book! Because a few people I know have them, and I've been lusting after them ever since I first set my eyes on it! I think it'll have to wait till Christmas though! (Haha, I have to wait for everything!) I think it'll be really handy for when I go on holiday & the likes, because it means you don't have to carry the usual 20 books in my suitcase and have no room for clothes!

4. To pass my Driving Test! I have booked it for some time in the next few weeks, (this is my second time) and I really want to pass! Because I've been doing lessons for too long & I feel that its just using up all my money!

5. For my little cousins to come back! They moved to England just a few weeks ago, and I used to see them most days, so it's a big change to not have them around!

So that's my Wednesday Wishes! I hope you're all having a good week :) and that it continues well!



bookalicious said...

Hope all those wishes come true for you!!! :)
Ikea bookshelves are the best ever! I have the corner Billy unit in white and it's fantastic, plus so cheap! <3

Catriona said...

Omg I actually bought it on Tuesday night! Haha it was only 9.99! Such a bargain! I also bought a desk and drawers to match!! :) xxx