Sunday, 6 September 2009

I Just LOVE..

Jill Mansell!

I only discovered her recently when my lovely boyfriend bought me "An Offer You Can't Refuse." But when I was trawling through a charity shop in Paisley, a town nearby where I live, I found two other ones! I was very excited, because being a student I never ever ever have any money, and these were a wee bargain!

This week I read "Rumour Has It," and I really really liked it! In fact at the end I said aloud "Oh What A Lovely Story!" much to my mothers disgust! But honestly it was just so feel goody and happy at the end and i really really liked it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a nice romantic easy to read story!

From Amazon - "When newly single Tilly Cole impulsively quits her London job for a fresh start in the small town of Roxborough she finds she's arrived in a hotbed of gossip, intrigue and rampant rivalry for the most desirable men. Tilly has no intention of joining in – she's just happy with her new Girl Friday job. Then she meets Jack Lucas. Jack is irresistible... and he's got his eye on Tilly. But there are shocking rumours about his wicked reputation. Tilly doesn’t want to be just another notch on anyone's bedpost. But is she being mature and sensible – or is she running away from the love of her life?"

One of the reasons I like Jill Mansell, is that in her books she always has a main story going on, but the background characters always have their own drama's going on as well! And she always manages to draw you in, in such a way that you're intrigued about each character in their own way!
I immediately fell in love with Tilly, the lead character as she reminded me of myself, and equally of probably most girls with a little bit of conscience in them! When she talked of how she always distances herself from relationships and ends up making the boy break up with her because she doesn't want to hurt their feelings, i laughed out loud! I totally remember doing this when I was younger, because it seemed not so bad if they broke up with you! You can also tell from the start that she clearly likes Jack, as he does sound irresistable, but she doesnt want to be just another notch on his bedpost! And she doesn't truly believe that he'd change for her!
I liked the way that the outgoing character of Tilly, was contrasted with the niave and shy Erin, who has found love but doesnt want to hurt anybody elses feelings! My only disappointment with Erin was that I felt more could have been made out of the best friend relationship between Tilly and Erin. It was touched upon at the start, then it seemed a little forgotten.
The novel is really easy to read and get into, and Jill Mansell, manages to make us feel all the emotions the characters are feeling as well. For instance at the start I hated a character called "Stella" but by the end I felt sad for her (Don't want to say to much as I may ruin the novel for others!)
It really was my kind of book, where girl gets boy, and it all ends happy, and you lie in bed with a big smile on your face!
My review hasn't given too much away, but I hope it encourages you all to read it!
If anyone wants to know anything else just ask :D! And I'd love to hear what you all thought of it if you've read it :D!

Hope you're all well :)

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Erotic Horizon said...

I have never read Ms. Mansell book -as I think of them as chick lit - but I must say you have piqued my interest...

Tilly does sound like a little bit of me as well...

Thanks for the round up..