Sunday, 20 September 2009

Review of Open House

Firstly I need to apologise for how long its taken me to post this review! I've had a really busy week, but I've finally finished work (apart from Saturday's) and I'm determined to be more reliable with my posts! I go into 2nd year of Uni on Friday & I'm really looking forward to it! But I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE I'll be better! (You can hold it against me at a later date if you like!)

From Back - Nell O'Driscoll's known Marcus Kilburton for years - according to her diary, she even had a crush on him as a teenager. When he decides to open Kilburton Castle to the public, Nell takes a job as his assistant - and soon sparks are flying between them. But is Nell free to pursue Marcus, when part of her past refuses to let go?
The world fell apart for Nell's best friend, Hetty Brewster, when her husband Tony abandoned Hetty and their teenage daughter for a bitchy but successful write. Now the press is full of stories about the frumpy, boring wife losing out to a younger, slimmer model. But Hetty's about to get her chance for sweet revenge - if she can stop being nice long enough to take it!

4/5 - Before reading this book, I had read some really good reviews of it, and I have to say that I hope mine is no exception to this! I always get really into Jill Mansell's books, and find myself acting as if I really care about all the characters, and wanting it to work out really well for them! And at the same time hating the ones that are horrible to my favourite characters, almost as though they're like my enemy!
The protaganist in Open House, Nell O'Driscoll is a character I really admired! She sounded like she was from - as we'd say in Glasgow- "down the scheme!" A real toughnut in all ways, but I found myself really liking her and all her secrets! The way she really cared about helpless Ben, even though she had already broken up with him despite his knowledge, showed her true heart, and I liked her for this. It got me wondering to myself, what would you do if your ex-boyfriend and first love, ended up unable to look after hiself and had to rely on nurses and care from others. Would you stand by him or would you walk away? I'd love to think I'd be like Nell, but the reality is always different from the hypothetical.
I LOVEDDD Hetty, she was by far my favourite character, and I loved the "romance" with Derry! It was very comical, and I loved Hetty's transformation throughout the novel!
My only disappointment with Open House, was the way that Ben was "dealt" with so that Nell and Marcus could be together. Without giving to much away, it seemed to me a far to easy way to deal with the situation! And personally I wanted Nell to be with Ben & Marcus! I couldn't make my mind up!
Despite this I'd thouroughly recommend Open House to everyone! I really really enjoyed it :)!
Hope you're all well xx

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